The Project Café Manifesto

The Project Café

ideate | curate | collaborate

A one of a kind ‘experiential design consortium’, The Project Café is an entirely collaborative initiative featuring a wide array of artists, designers and chefs. This multi-disciplinary

‘Everything is for sale!’

At the Project Café, whatever catches your fancy you can own it; be it from the Artspaces, the décor, the glassware, the tableware, the furnishings or even the furniture itself!

Our Experiential Retail and Hospitality concept has the Artspaces seamlessly integrating with the multi-cuisine café and restaurant in a symbiotic relationship.

The rich heritage value of our premises has organically lead to a ‘conservation entrepreneurship’ where every ideation, curation and collaboration of ours is executed with utmost respect to the property’s built and cultural heritage. The Project Café experience has thus evolved into that of a living and functioning museum.


Allen Shaw Sketchbooks

A travelling watercolour artist documents his journey through India and inspires people to draw, create and express.

Calicut By Bombay Perfumery

An ancient marketplace where flavors of the earth change hands and home, peppered with architectural souvenirs left behind by overwhelmed explorers.

Colonial Chair

Crafted painstakingly in Teak and Sheesham Wood, the Colonial Chair by Design Collective is an adoption of the classic Planter’s Chair.