Experiential Hospitality

Established in a vintage 13,000 sq.ft Portuguese villa built over a century ago,​ ​The Project Café, Goa is a unique experiential design hotel consisting of 6 rooms, each designed by a different designer. It merges together various aspects of the fields of food, design, retail and experiences, around the core intent of creating a getaway which is a seamless confluence of differences.

Villa Rental

Amalia Villa no. 198

The Amalia Villa in North Goa’s ‘village of flowers’ Assagao is a heritage Portuguese bungalow which is over a century old. The 13000 sq. ft of the premises has been very lovingly maintained by its current owners. The Project Café, Goa has taken every care to remain sensitive and true to the nature and spirit of the space as it began its operations here. Our interventions might be diverse but they all contribute to create a comprehensive unity of aesthetics and warmth.

So, when the occasion calls for it- a family function, friends’ reunions or a corporate retreat, one can rent the entire property which will include our amenities and services as well.

Or write to us at reservations@theprojectcafe.in