The Project Café is in its truest sense a consortium of design, food and retail. All The Project Cafés across the country, including Goa and Ahmedabad, offers a rich ‘Shop’ experience across categories of fashion, furniture, skincare, edibles, art, earthenware, books, home décor, stationary, et more. Shoppers include guests staying at the 130-year-old Portuguese villa in Goa to diners at the café in Ahmedabad to anyone who is a patron of Modern Indian brands.

What truly makes the experience standout is our expression ‘Everything is For Sale’ including the bedsheets you sleep on, the plates you on, the lights above, the art on our walls, the chairs you sit on, the charming four-poster bed you sleep on, the bathtub… Every tangible at our space can be yours to own.

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Colonial Chair

Crafted painstakingly in Teak and Sheesham Wood, the Colonial Chair by Design Collective is an adoption of the classic Planter’s Chair.


Calicut By Bombay Perfumery

An ancient marketplace where flavors of the earth change hands and home, peppered with architectural souvenirs left behind by overwhelmed explorers.


Allen Shaw Sketchbooks

A travelling watercolour artist documents his journey through India and inspires people to draw, create and express.