Visual Communication & Branding

The Project Café Studio offers the entire array of visual communication and branding services including identity design, brand collateral designs, website design, publication design, print and online campaign designs, photography and any other relevant client specific needs. We also provide strategic communication and design management services.

Make us a co-host

An entirely collaborative initiative with food, art, retail, live performances and events all within the same space, The Project Café offers an unparalleled multi-sensory human experience. We are a ‘human experience space’. With successful ventures operational in Ahmedabad and Goa, we can replicate our model at your property too. Or we can adapt and repurpose completely as per your vision. Depending on the collaboration, as co-hosts we either market it or operate it or do both. While we gain a new partner, you stand to gain not just our complete range of services, our brand name and visibility but also the following of our patrons.


Spatial Design

The Project Café Studio offers space design services wherein we can conceptualize, conceive and create interior designing and styling solutions for permanent spaces like residences, workspaces, public spaces etc. We can also design and style temporary spaces like event pop ups, custom design stalls, art direction for photo/video shoots and events, experiential dining events etc.

Curation Services

With its experience of curating for The Project Café at both Ahmedabad and Goa, and now having collaborated with over 240 artists and designers, The Project Café Studio is very well equipped to provide curation services as per any client’s specific needs; be it just an individual art piece or an entire exhibition; for spaces of any scale and size; for private ownership or retail purposes.

List of services

Outdoor Catering

Creative Workshops

Artist Collaborations

Sartorial Collaborations

Events & Workshops

Culinary Pop Ups

Music Events


Live Performances

Content Building across Design, Food & Retail

Hospitality Advisory