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An entirely collaborative initiative with food, art, retail, live performances and events all within the same space, The Project Café offers an unparalleled multi-sensory human experience. We are a ‘human experience space’. With successful ventures operational in Ahmedabad and Goa, we can replicate our model at your property too. Or we can adapt and repurpose completely as per your vision. Depending on the collaboration, as co-hosts we either market it or operate it or do both. While we gain a new partner, you stand to gain not just our complete range of services, our brand name and visibility but also the following of our patrons.

Recreate The Project Cafe experience at your own property

It is our sincere intention to share the design and operational knowledge and sensibilities which we have gained from our Ahmedabad and Goa ventures with other properties of rich architectural value and significance as a Co-Hosting Service. This may constitute of any one or a combination of the following models:

Company Owned and Company Operated

We can replicate The Project Café model at your property as it is now. This can also be adapted and repurposed as a fusion of both our visions.

Franchisee Owned and Company Operated

We can have management collaboration where we take care of the property’s operation and marketing while the property’s ownership remains with you.

Experiential Marketing Collaboration

We can recreate ‘The Project Café experience’ for quaint and unconventional spaces as exclusively customized curations as per our collaborators’ needs and vision.

The Project Company

We can provide visual communication, spatial design, branding, strategic, management and operational solutions for your enterprises through the consultancy services of The Project Company, which is our consortium of designers, artists, curators, chefs, managers and other allied personnel.

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